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Baggy Jeans Mercur

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Universality and style - why are baggy pants so popular?

Baggy pants are more than just a fashion trend; they are an expression of personal style and comfort. Their unique looser fit provides unparalleled comfort, making them ideal for any occasion - from casual outings to weekend adventures. They also stand out for their versatility, easily combining with a variety of styles, from casual to more elegant. In addition, baggy pants are available in a wide range of materials, from lightweight cotton to durable denim, allowing them to fit any season or activity. Their popularity is also due to the fact that they fit different body types, emphasizing the individual character of anyone who wears them. In our offer you will find baggy pants in a variety of colors and patterns that will help you express your unique style.

Why choose baggy pants?

Baggy pants are not only comfortable, but also stylish. They are ideal for people who appreciate a looser fit and unrestricted freedom of movement. In our offer you will find models ideal for everyday wear, for work or for weekend trips.


Discover baggy pants from top manufacturers

Baggy pants are not just a closet item, they are a symbol of freedom and expressiveness. In our offer you will find a wide selection of baggy pants, which will combine the comfort of wearing with the latest trends.


- Carhartt WIP - classics with a modern twist:Carhartt WIP is a leader in streetwear, offering baggy pants that combine durable materials with unique design. Their models are ideal for those who appreciate durability and style.

Polar - Scandinavian simplicity and functionality.Polar proposes baggy pants that impress with minimalism and functionality. Ideal for lovers of Scandinavian design who do not want to give up comfort.

- Mercur - modernity and innovation. This is a brand that innovates in every element of its baggy pants. When you choose their products, you are betting on modern solutions and original style.

- Kamuflage - urban style.Known for its authentic designs, it offers baggy pants in original camo patterns. Ideal for those who want to stand out in the urban crowd.

- Prosto - Polish streetwear in pure form.The Polish streetwear brand, presents baggy pants that reflect urban culture. Their pants are a combination of quality, style and affordability.

-Relab - experimental shapes and patterns.Relab is a brand for the brave. Their baggy pants are experimental combinations of shapes and patterns, perfect for those who like to stand out.

- Raw Hide - the street side of fashion.Raw Hide offers baggy pants perfect for streetwear fashion. Their products are made for people who appreciate originality.

- Method Sport - baggy pants for active people.Method Sport offers baggy pants that are ideal for active people. They combine comfort and functionality.

Key features of baggy pants:

- loose cut: guarantees comfort and freedom of movement,

- high quality materials: ensure durability and strength,

- variety of designs and colors: allows you to express your own style.

How to choose the perfect baggy pants?

When choosing baggy pants, pay attention to the material, cut and pattern. Make sure they fit your lifestyle and preferences. Also, don't forget the right size for maximum wearing comfort. You can find an entry on baggy pants on our blog.

Complete your outfit with baggy pants

Baggy pants go well with a variety of closet items. Pair them with T-shirts, sweatshirts, and even smart shirts to create a unique and fashionable outfit.

Online shopping - fast and convenient

We invite you to explore our range of baggy pants online and in stationary stores. Discover models from top manufacturers and enjoy fast delivery and easy shopping.