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Real Classic Oval Deck

€ 81.00
Lowest price in the last 30 days: € 81.00
  • Real Classic Oval Deck
  • Real Classic Oval Deck


Real Classic Oval Deck Black combines classic aesthetics with modern functionality. The black and white colour scheme with the iconic Real Skateboards logo makes it recognisable and stylish. Made from high quality maple wood, it provides durability and adequate flexibility. The top is designed to provide excellent grip, which is key for tricks and technical riding. Ideal for both beginners and advanced skaters. Indulge yourself with a board that combines durability, control and authentic skateboarding style.

  • Dimensions: 8.25" x 32" x 14.38"
  • Made from 7-ply of the best quality Canadian maple
  • Full SE - more heavily cambered board from nose to tail for greater feel
  • SE Dimensions - shorter wheelsbase for faster response and more control
  • R1 Construction - for more durability, a more contoured shape and more pop
  • Colour: Black