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In this category in our shop you will find a wide selection of socks that will not only keep you comfortable, but also add character to your everyday styling. Wondering how to spice up your everyday styling? Pay attention to your accessories! They are the ones that add street style to any outfit, even when you don't have much time to put together a look. See how an inconspicuous accessory can transform your look! We present to you a selection of the best streetwear socks!

Sports socks - what characterises them?

Men's sports socks are a real essential in every man's wardrobe. Find out what features the perfect socks should have and choose products from our category of branded socks. Let's start with the basics! Your socks accompany you throughout the day, so go for top quality materials such as cotton, fibre blends or even technical fabrics. This ensures that your socks are durable, breathable and comfortable. This functionality will come in especially handy for sports people. When you go boarding, the last thing you want to worry about is the discomfort caused by uncomfortable socks. Opt for confident solutions and the best quality materials. Flexible materials and breathable panels will keep your feet in good shape and you will feel ultra-comfortable throughout your workout. Men's sports socks can also be mega fashionable. Comfort and design go hand in hand here. If you're a fan of street fashion, you'll find socks that go perfectly with streetwear looks. Characteristic patterns and logos of well-known brands will give your outfit a distinctive character.


What are the best sports socks?

Women's and men's sports socks must meet a number of requirements in order for the wearer to feel completely comfortable in them. As mentioned earlier, they must be made of breathable materials that regulate moisture and keep feet dry during intense exercise. Manufacturers often offer additional functionality such as special systems that wick sweat to the outside of the sock. On the plus side, the material composition also includes a high percentage of high-quality cotton. In addition, sports socks should be properly contoured to provide support for joints and muscles, as well as protection against chafing and blisters. Some models offer extra soft padding inside the sock to cushion the foot during physical activity. In addition, sports socks often have additional reinforcements in high-stress areas, such as the heels and toes, which increases their durability. The use of high-quality stitching should be mentioned here, so that men's socks will not come apart in the wash and will fit the foot perfectly for a long time.

How to match sports socks with sports shoes?

Are you hungry for inspiration and want to know how to mix trendy looks with socks? Choose classic, long white men's socks for vintage-style sneakers. Shorter, sporty patterned and multicoloured socks are great for shoes with a modern spirit. Don't be afraid to experiment and, in addition to basic style socks, dare to wear those with distinctive graphics, embroidery or logos. See how they blend in with your styling. Maybe you can cover your second fashion self with them?

Men's socks - how to choose them?

Choose men's sports socks according to the advice we've included above. Remember to get your sock size right - this will ensure optimum wearing comfort. Use the sizing charts on the manufacturers' websites for each model.

Women's socks - fashion trends

Are you looking for fashion inspiration in choosing the perfect socks? A wide selection of women's and men's sports socks from respected clothing manufacturers such as Kamuflage, 2005, JoyRide, Malita, Ripndip, Nike SB, Vans, HUF, Polar Skate and Prosto await you at Selectshop. When you buy women's sports socks from cult streetwear brands, you can be sure that you are choosing the top socks, the most fashionable of the season. Create unique looks with branded socks and see how this small detail will transform your styling.