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In today's dynamic fashion world, street style stands out as an expression of individuality and freedom. At our Selectshop, we would like to introduce you to a wide range of sunglasses so that you can express your uniqueness in the best possible way. Find eyewear that is a subtle combination of comfort, creativity and personal expression. Feel the spirit of street fashion that has captured the hearts of young fashion enthusiasts all over the world. Buy this season's most fashionable eyewear only at Selectshop!

Sunglasses - how to choose the best ones?

Correctly chosen sunglasses can become a key styling element, highlighting your individual taste and uniqueness. How do you choose those best fashionable sunglasses? We're rushing with tips! First of all, pay attention to the type of lenses. Sunglass lenses should have the right filters to protect your eyes from UV radiation. UV400 filters provide full protection against UVA and UVB rays. In addition, polaroid lenses will help to reduce glare, which is particularly useful when driving or water sports. At one time, stylists advised that sunglass frames should always be chosen in relation to the shape of your face.


Then: Round faces - Choose glasses with sharp shapes to balance proportions and give your face a lightness. Square faces - Soft and round frames will help soften sharp jawlines. Oval faces - Almost any shape of glasses will suit an oval face. Triangular faces - Eyeglasses with wide top frames will balance the proportions. For example, so-called cat-eye frames. However, nowadays less and less attention is being paid to the above rules and it's more of a case of - it's your choice! If you feel good in a certain frame and you like yourself, go for it! Don't stick to a rigid set of rules and go with what your instinct tells you! However, remember to always buy women's sunglasses and men's sunglasses only from the highest quality materials, as this guarantees safety and durability for many seasons. Also pay attention to the comfort and functionality of this accessory. Make sure that the glasses fit snugly on the nose and do not put pressure on the temples. Adjustable nose pads and well-constructed temples will ensure a proper fit, which will be important especially during extended wear or sports.

Do all sunglasses have a UV filter?

Unfortunately not all sunglasses have the required UV filters! Be particularly wary of glasses available in supermarkets, drugstores, chain stores or souvenir stalls while on holiday. Usually such accessories are not equipped with filters, and this is very dangerous and can, in extreme cases, lead to damage to your eyesight. By buying sunglasses without a filter, you are not protecting your eyes and are even exposing them to harmful rays more than if you did not use sunglasses at all. Hold off on such purchases and only choose tried and tested models from well-known brands that attest to the superior quality of the products and filters used. At Selectshop, we only have such carefully selected models available, which are completely safe for your eyes and, in addition, extremely stylish and suitable for many streetwear looks.

Men's sunglasses - how to choose the most useful ones?

Wondering which men's sunglasses to choose? Express your individuality and buy a model that will harmonise with your style and personality. Fancy large sunglasses in a wide colour frame with an unusual design and colour? Or do you want to go classic and go for square, minimalist frames? You know what you feel best in and these are the frames to choose!

Women's sunglasses - how to choose them to match your style?

Women's sunglasses go with many summer styles. Follow the principle of feeling 100% yourself in every outfit, and you're sure to conjure up stunning and original styles! Wear women's sunglasses with dresses, T-shirts and tank tops. You can also combine them with blouses or jackets on colder days. If you need extra protection, on your head you can put on a capshell or sun hat and you're ready for summer styling!

Sunglasses - the most popular models

In Selectshop you will find a wide selection of men's and women's sunglasses from respected brands such as Kamuflage, New Bad Line NBL, Vans, Diil, Mercur or Palto. They are the perfect addition to your styling! Choose sunglasses from iconic manufacturers today!