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Fabric trousers in various colours and cuts

Fabric trousers and sweatpants are characterised by freedom and a fashionable look, which is why they found fans especially among active men who value maximum comfort and practicality. Loose trousers with a lowered crotch are an inseparable attribute of hip-hop and skateboard culture. They represent a unique style and unfettered freedom. Fabric trousers are suitable for going to work, the park and an evening dinner. For work, we prefer to choose dark-coloured trousers, and elsewhere a brighter shade will be a good choice. They are made of the best materials for a comfortable feel. They're the perfect combination with a fashionable shirt or T-shirt. Trousers made of fabric can have many uses, so it's good to have several styles in your wardrobe. offers a wide range of men's and women's trousers in materials from renowned streetwear and skateboarding manufacturers (Diamante Wear, Kamuflage, Jigga Wear, Malita, Vans, Dickies, New Bad Line, Prosto, Champion). Our range includes a wide range of trousers in a variety of styles to reflect the latest trends in the urban clothing market. Fans of classics and sports-casual will find what they are looking for too. At you can buy, among others, branded sweatpants, joggers, camouflage cargo pants, trousers with a low crotch, as well as those with tapered legs. Find out what we've prepared for you and choose the trousers that match your style and character.