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Men's fabric trousers are a total hit when it comes to trends. You can look nonchalant, elegant, refined in them - whatever you want! Just style them right and one pair of trousers is suitable for many occasions. Another advantage of the fabric trousers is that they are comfortable and breathable, they don't restrict movement and once you put them on - you will still feel at ease. Check out the range of fabric trousers at Selectshop and match them with your outfits. You can be sure that your wardrobe will be revived when you decide to buy this type of trousers!

Material trousers - characteristics

Men's fabric trousers are an optimally comfortable solution that will serve you in many situations. Choose men's and women's fabric trousers from the Selectshop offer and create unusual styles. It really doesn't take much to put together the perfect outfit using this item of clothing! Clothing designers create such original pieces of fabric trousers that they can play a major role in your outfits. Pair them with a simple T-shirt and accessories and the original look will do itself. Why else should you choose fabric trousers? They are extremely comfortable to wear. Made from soft and stretchy materials, they offer freedom of movement and do not restrict your body. So you can feel comfortable all day long without feeling stiff or uncomfortable. They are totally versatile and fit many different occasions. You can wear them every day at home, to work, for a walk or to meet up with friends. However, they work equally well in more formal situations when you want to create an elegant yet comfortable look. They are easy to care for. Most of them are machine washable and require no complicated maintenance or ironing.


Material trousers - types

Since you already know the most important features of fabric trousers, it's also worth learning about their types. Here are the most popular ones: chino trousers: chinos are an elegant type of fabric trouser that perfectly combines casual and formal styles. Made of light and airy material, they have a looser fit and often an elasticated waistband. They are perfect for summer days and go well with a variety of styles. Cargo trousers: this is a type of trouser that is characterised by extra pockets on the legs. Cargo pants are popular for their casual, slightly military style and practicality. They are a great choice for everyday styling, especially for those who appreciate an unforced, raw look. Tracksuit trousers: An absolute classic that is hugely popular with young people. Made from soft material, they have an elasticated waistband and ribbed leg bottoms. Ideal for everyday wear. Joggers: this type of fabric trousers has distinctive ribbing both at the waist and at the bottom of the legs. Joggers are more snug than traditional sweatpants, but still offer comfort and freedom of movement.

Material trousers - the most popular brands

A wide range of men's and women's fabric trousers from renowned streetwear and skateboarding manufacturers awaits you at Selectshop. Check out the models from: Diamante Wear, Carhartt WIP, Kamuflage, Jigga Wear, Malita, Vans, Dickies, Nike SB, Prosto, Ripndip i Hills.

Material trousers - trends, styles

Astonish your friends with a perfect, unforced style! We have prepared a dream styling for you. We'll be using fabric cargo trousers for women and chino trousers for men. Women's look: Choose black women's fabric cargo trousers to complete the look. The trousers should have a tailored fit and emphasise the silhouette nicely. Top with a crop top in a contrasting colour or with an interesting pattern. Match with trendy and comfortable shoes such as trainers or trainers. Don't forget to accessorise! Go for a watch with a decorative bracelet, baseball cap or bucket hat. Men's look: Go for chinos in camel or khaki. Pair them with a white shirt (remember to roll up the sleeves nonchalantly). Top with a corduroy shirt or a denim katana. Add moccasins, a watch and sunglasses in a fashionable frame.