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Trucker 47 Brand

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Tucker hats are an iconic piece of urban fashion that combine style, comfort and functionality in one. They feature a mesh panel at the back that provides excellent ventilation, making them the perfect choice for hot days.

Tucker baseball cap - what style goes best with it?

Want to add an interesting styling element to your outfit in the form of a trucker hat? It's easy! Here are some outfits created by our experts: Casual styling with the trucker hat: Team a black trucker cap with a classic logo on the front with a white printed T-shirt and simple vintage-style jeans. Add comfortable trainers and a lightweight zip-up jacket or corduroy shirt for cooler days. This casual look is perfect for everyday outings, meeting friends or walking around town. The trucker hat will add a casual touch to your look and emphasise your street style. Sporty styling with the trucker hat: For active people, a men's trucker cap in a contrasting colour with a sporty logo print is perfect. Pair it with a fitted sports T-shirt, sweatpants and comfortable sneakers. Add a comfortable shoulder backpack to practically store your belongings. This styling is perfect for a workout, a walk or any sporty activity you love. 


Formal styling with a trucker hat: Looking to add a touch of boldness to a formal outfit, pair a navy blue trucker cap with a smart tailored grey blazer, white shirt and classic khaki trousers. Add smart shoes and a fashionable watch to emphasise your confidence. This trucker hat look will work for a formal meeting or event, adding a touch of streetwear style to your formal dress code. Immerse yourself in the world of streetwear, discover our collection of trucker hats and add a distinctive touch to your outfit that will make you stand out on the city streets. Enjoy the casual, stylish look and comfortable wear of our trucker hats - we invite you to shop!"

Trucker hats - the most popular models

The latest collection of trucker hats at Selectshop offers a wide variety of designs, colours and prints for you to express your personality and unique style. From minimalist, single-colour variants to bold, graphic compositions, we have something for everyone. Shop the best hats from well-known brands such as New Era, Kamuflage, 47 Brand, Capslab, The North Face. Check out the variety of models and colours in our online shop today. When you buy from Selectshop you are always assured of original merchandise from the latest collections.

Trucker hats - what material are they made of?

Men's trucker hats are usually made from a combination of cotton and polyester. These materials provide comfort, ventilation and a variety of designs. Selectshop offers the highest quality products, made with attention to detail. Trucker hats are lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear, making them the perfect companion for any occasion. Invest in refreshing your wardrobe and buy original hats and accessories online!