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If you are a fan of extreme sports, then skateboards are the perfect choice for you. A skateboard is a board with wheels that allows you to ride and perform various tricks. In this product category, you will find different types of skateboards, depending on your preferences and skills. We offer a variety of models that will not only give you an unforgettable riding experience, but also allow you to express your style and personality. Find out how many possibilities there are in the world of skateboards!

Characteristics of skateboards

The skateboard as an object emerged in the 1950s in California. Initially, it was made of wood and metal wheels and its shape resembled a surfboard. In the following decades, the skateboard grew in popularity, with manufacturers introducing more and more new models and technologies. Today, skateboarding is a popular sport that has its followers all over the world. Skateboarding is inextricably linked with the skater culture, i.e. people who are involved in skateboarding. In addition to skateboarding itself, skaters also cultivate their style of dress, music and street art. There is a kind of community among skaters that is open to new members and motivates each other to get better at skateboarding.

Skateboard parts and accessories

A skateboard is a board with wheels that consists of several components. The most important of these is, of course, the top, or board, which is made of several layers glued together. These layers ensure that the board is strong and flexible enough. The skateboard also includes the accessories - these are the components that enable you to move around on the board. The hardware consists of several basic components: Axle - this is the metal tube that connects the wheels to the truck. Wheels - these are the components that provide movement on the surface. They are usually made of plastic and have a diameter of about 5 cm. Bearings - these are the small components that are inside the wheels. They are responsible for the rotation of the wheel and ensure a smooth ride.  Trucks are crucial for the stability and control of the skateboard. You can buy additional accessories for your skateboard, such as truk pads to increase the height of the truk, or knee and elbow pads to protect against injury in the event of a fall. It is important to choose the right skateboard for your level and riding style. Well-chosen pieces allow you to have full control of your skateboard and give you the ability to reach high speeds and perform complex tricks.


skateboards - types

Street skateboards

Street skateboards, also known as 'street' skateboards, are ideal for people who want to overcome various obstacles and perform tricks on the street. These skateboards feature a narrower board and smaller wheels, allowing for greater manoeuvrability.

Skateboards for skateparks

Skateboards for skateparks, also known as 'park skateboards', are ideal for people who want to perform tricks on ramps and obstacles at the skatepark. These skateboards feature a wider board and larger wheels, allowing for greater stability when performing tricks.

Classic skateboards

The classic skateboard allows you to start training practically straight away, allows you to perform a variety of tricks, while also allowing you to move around freely. Each of the skateboards presented on our website has been manufactured with special attention to workmanship and safety. Classic skateboards are equipped with solid and durable components, ensuring long-lasting durability, maximum comfort and convenience. 

Professional skateboards

Professional performance skateboards are designed for people who want to take their skateboarding skills to the next level. They are characterised not only by a higher quality of workmanship, but also by special parameters that allow you to achieve even better results while riding. Unlike classic skateboards, high-performance models are lighter and more durable, allowing you to perform more complex tricks and stunts on them. They also have specially shaped boards that allow for better control of the skateboard in difficult conditions. For those involved in skateboarding at a professional level, choosing the right skateboard is crucial to achieving success and fulfilling their dreams of perfect tricks and stunts.

skateboards for girls - how to choose them?

Girls can do anything and ride boards just as well as guys. There are no specific guidelines for choosing a skateboard for a girl. It is good to remember that the key parameter when buying a complete skateboard is the size of the board. As a general rule, you should choose your board size based on your shoe size. Narrower boards are suitable for those with smaller shoe sizes, while wider skateboards are better for those with larger feet. The wide selection of tops in our shop will allow you to choose the best design and enjoy a board that perfectly suits your taste, regardless of your gender.