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Hats are an absolute must have for any lover of urban style. In our caps category, you will find the latest trends in street fashion that are sure to inspire you to create unique and stylish looks. We offer a wide selection of caps that are perfect for a variety of situations and weather conditions. Whether you're looking for a baseball cap, beanie or snapback, you'll find what you need with us. Our caps are sourced from top streetwear brands such as Nike, Carhartt WIP, Kamuflage, and The North Face, guaranteeing quality and durability. Whether you prefer minimalist designs, classic logos or vibrant colours, we have something to suit you. Feel free to browse through our beanie category and discover your favourite model to complement your streetwear style.

Straetwear hats - characteristics

The fashion for wearing hats among streetwear enthusiasts originated from the hip-hop culture that dominated the American music scene in the 1980s and 1990s. Baseball caps, beanies and snapbacks were an integral part of the wardrobe of rappers, DJs and other hip-hop artists who promoted their style through music and fashion. With the rise of street culture, beanie fashion quickly spread to other areas of fashion. Beanies became an everyday clothing item for many young people who wanted to express their individuality and affiliation with streetwear culture. Today, beanie fashion is still very popular in streetwear clothing and has become one of the most recognisable elements of this culture. Many streetwear brands offer their own versions of caps, often with distinctive logos or prints, which are eagerly worn by lovers of urban style.In the world of streetwear, there are many popular models of caps that are very popular among lovers of streetwear culture. Here are a few of them: Snapback baseball caps- this is one of the most recognisable streetwear cap models. They are characterised by a simple, flat peak and an adjustable strap at the back. They often have a large brand logo or lettering on them, Beanie - warm, woollen beanies without a visor that are often worn by skateboarding and snowboarding enthusiasts. They are soft and flexible, allowing them to fit snugly around the head, Dad Hat - these are classic, casual hats with a curved visor that have become very popular in recent years. They usually have a minimalist design with a small logo on the front or side, and are finished in a soft cotton material.


skate caps with visor

There are three types of visor most commonly used in skateboarding hats: The straight brim (flat brim) - this is a flat brim with no curves. It is one of the most popular types of visor in streetwear caps, including among skate culture enthusiasts. Curved brim - is a visor that has a distinctive curve that gives it a shape similar to a 'U' or 'V'. Skate caps often use slightly curved visors to allow for better vision when skateboarding. Five-panel brim (5-panel brim) - this is a cap that consists of five pieces of fabric sewn together in a pentagon shape. This type is often used in skate caps as it allows for a comfortable and precise fit to the head. At Selectshop you will find the best skate caps from brands such as New Era, The North Face, Kamuflage, 47 Brand, 2005, Capslab, Vans, Carhartt WIP, Ellesse and Ripndip.

printed skate hats

Choose skate hats with prints or embroidery. Do you prefer subtle logos or large, characterful designs? Whatever your preference, you'll find something for you in our range. Browse caps and choose the perfect headwear for you.

Winter skate hats

Warmer hats are great for winter, providing comfort, warmth and protection from wind and snow during inclement winter weather. Choose classic North Face beanies or original pilot hats from Ripndip. Look out for popular beanies from iconic brands.

How to choose a baseball cap?

When selecting baseball caps, pay attention to the correct size of the product. Measure the circumference of your head and follow the manufacturer's instructions for your chosen model.